[About] All Hail The Cat

If Snoop can be a D-O-Double-G, I figure I can be a C-A-Single-T.

If Biggie can be a Notorious B-I-G, I figure I can be a Notorious C-A-T.

Why the Notorious C.A.T.? Um… Why Not?


It’s a crazy, scary, freaky, unpredictable world…and the Notorious C.A.T. is just as crazy, scary, freaky, and unpredictable as the world is. Therefore, I am the perfect creature to dominate it. Yes, dominate it. How? I don’t know – yet.

I’m still trying to work out the details.


Who is the Notorious C.A.T.?

I am. I am plotting world domination. I am the future Supreme Benevolent Ruler of the Universe. I am the Notorious C.A.T. but much more of a dog person than a cat person. I am a thirty-something year old female. I am a businesswoman and educator by trade. I am Korean by blood and American by birth, considered too fobby by my non-Asian friends and too Americanized by my fobby friends. I am fond of traveling but have never been to Europe. I am a voracious reader and wannabe writer but not a frequent movie-watcher. I am sometimes funny by accident but rarely on purpose, confident in attitude but clumsy in behavior and sometimes passive-aggressive by nature. I am a dreamer. I am not a morning person at all. I am adverse to heat waves but cannot stand cold hands and feet. I am a Snuggie fanatic. I am not diagnosed with OCD but sometimes appear to be so. I am a born-and-bred SoCal girl but can’t swim for the life of me. I am an avid snowboarder and camper but dislike hiking and nature in general. I am petrified of all worms and bugs, even butterflies and roly-polies. I am disgusted by snails and spiders. I am phobic of all sea creatures, especially shrimp and other sea-bugs like lobster and crab) but enjoy fishing. I am a very picky eater (no seafood, no carrots, no mushrooms, no avocados, etc) but eat out and cook at home so often that I am often mistaken for a foodie. I am a coffee fanatic. I am a fan of whiskey, champagne, and beer and not a fan of vodka, tequila, and cocktails in general. I am prone to very strange dreams that lead to hours of dream analysis on the internet. I am Christian but sometimes cannot ignore stupid superstitions and my Spidey Sense. I am a classic Pisces, a classic blood type O, and a classic dog in Chinese astrology – a strange and confusing combination. I am convinced that I have met extraterrestrials three times in my life. I am just as convinced that I am somewhat psychic. I am insane sometimes but not certifiably so. I am a firm believer in trust, honesty, justice, equality, and retail therapy. I am generous to a fault most of the time and horrible at putting my foot down a lot of the time. I am frivolous yet frugal, well-earning and religiously-saving yet constantly bewildered by the amount owed on credit card bills. I am certainly intelligent and endlessly curious, too-often staying up all night reading up on random and totally useless topics. I am too busy to be lazy but too lazy to enjoy being busy. I am from a small family but blessed with more than my fair share of incredibly fantastic friends. I am outgoing, outspoken, friendly, excessively talkative, an open yet constantly crave solitude, privacy, and silence. I am admittedly complicated but rarely confused and always open-minded. I am totally happy with my life but intent on changing the world (for the better). I am all this and way, way more

…I am now tired of writing I Am’s.

Someday, I will realize my plans for world domination. Until then, just follow the rules. Rule #1 is… Ah, I forgot to tell you the most important rule.

Rule #1: Trust the C.A.T.

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